New Cover Reveal: The Genician

If you get the Volo Press monthly newsletter, you’ve already seen this. This cover was voted as the best option for the release of The Genician coming up in June. Thanks to all those who participated in picking this cover! Reserve your copy of The Genician today at a discount!

The Genician T. L. Curtis


New Cover Reveal: The Genician was originally published on Volo Press

One thought on “New Cover Reveal: The Genician

  1. I found the book to be very disappointing. The concept of cloning is dystopian society is so overused that this book really offers nothing new. It really is a poorer substitute for “The Island” and “The Seventh Day”.

    There are no pleasant emotions evoked by the book. There is so much jumping around that it is impossible to get into the story. The worst part is lack of indication of the passage of time. The characters act beyond their age and then never change. I mean, why, at 8, is Vasa concerned about how her brother dates (or doesn’t date)? Is she 8 or 16 or 40? I understand people acting beyond their years but their behaviors never change, no matter old they get. They’re need to be some evolution of the character.

    There is no scene or section that I liked aside from when the writer stopped jumping through time and the story actually got readable. But there’s no originality here. Clones as people with rights and those fighting them is old news. Clones being created to use as organ donors, old news. Even transplanting personality into others is old news. There needs to be something new, like maybe the actual characters being clones without knowing it (although that would be “Westworld” or “Bladerunner”).

    Again, without being able to fall into the book due to its fragmented nature, there is no emotional attachment to the story, just to the poor writing. The characters have no depth or definition so it becomes nearly impossible to relate to them. That leaves just the storyline, however, because there is nothing original here, there is no emotional attachment. I was left comparing it to existing work that has similar story lines and elements.

    As mentioned before, the complete jumping of time without any indication that time has passed was probably the worst part of the book. The first few chapters could be removed and there would be no difference in the reading of the story. None of the characters grow so there is no way for people to relate to them.

    I know it takes a lot of gumption to write and publish a novel only to have it torn apart by someone like myself. For that I have the greatest respect for the writer. As a highly educated individual I find that the details make or break a good story. However, if you enjoy reading but don’t like having to stop every ten minutes to look up minutia on the subject that is being written about, then you might want to give this novel a shot. The author conveys some complex topics such as rapid growth cloning without going into too much detail about acute mitochondria or DNA drifting. For a simple story without the boring the reader to death about the science involved, this would be an interesting choice.


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