Upgrade Your Business: Hire a Ghostwriter

On any given day, there are millions (if not billions) of book ideas floating around in people’s brains. Unfortunately, they’re not always popping up in the mind of someone who loves to write, has the time to write, or has the skills to write well. Fortunately, there are people who will write your book for you: Ghostwriters.


You Get to Focus on Your Business

I can tell you as confidently as the next small business owner that owning and maintaining any business venture is not the easiest thing in the world. I’m lucky that most of my business transactions take place while I’m sitting at a computer in the comfort of my home. However, many businesses still have physical locations that must be stocked, promoted, insured, cleaned, maintained, and secured. When you’re in charge of all that, when in the world would you have time to write a book about your ancient methods for getting stains out of carpets or your philosophy on high-fidelity recruiting?

The answer for many is “I don’t.”

You Hire a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter takes your concept and turns it into a finished book. You’ll need to have an initial conversation regarding pay, project length, book content, style, and other parameters. After that, there will be occasional phone calls or emails related to the progress of the book. Depending upon the length of the book and what other projects the writer is working on, you could have you book finished in as little as 30 days. Compare this to someone who sneaks in a few hundred words on the back of a meeting agenda once a week and takes years to even write enough content to fill a book. A ghostwriter is a faster means to a finished product.


You Continue Living Your Life

Because the ghostwriter you hired is handling about 98% of the heavy lifting, you can still run your business, spend time with your family, and enjoy outings with friends–all while your book is being written in the background. Think of how surprised everyone you know will be when they realize that you have produced a book–your name on the cover and everything!–and they don’t remember you having to lock yourself in the basement for six months to get it done. They’ve still had the benefit of your company at home and your management at work. Everybody wins!


Use Your Book to Grow Your Business

Not only do you now have a new product to market and sell to your current customers, you may have turned other people on to your business by “writing” a book.

Let’s say Joan loves to read. At the doctor’s office one day, she picks up a copy of your book, Vitreous China: A Resilient Plumber’s Tale of Overcoming Anxiety,  in the waiting room. As she starts to read, she finds herself relating to a lot of what you went through. She decides to download the eBook version so she can finish it at home. Once she’s done with the book (keep in mind that you just made money off of that download), she sees that your plumbing business is just a few miles from where she works. She decides to visit, she’s greeted by you or a member of your helpful staff, and you’ve just gained yourself a new, lifelong customer.

It’s not always fancy slogans, sparkling signage, or low prices that cause someone to want to do business with us. Many times it’s about forming some sort of social connection with our customers. When we do that, regardless of what our prices or marketing methods look like, we’re more likely to gain loyal customers who will brings us even more business through word-of-mouth.

Beyond the Covers

Just like people don’t all always read printed copy, ghostwriters aren’t restricted to writing just whole books. A writer can help you with your company newsletter, invoice formatting, web page copy, and blog posts. Ordering regularly from a few writers helps you maintain consistency when you’re requesting articles for your business’ blog. It also allows the writers you get work from to become increasingly familiar with the choice of topics and style of writing that your readers enjoy.

There’s No Excuse for Waiting

Reach out to a writer today. You may know some in your circle of friends, your staff, or your family. If not, visit Volo Press Services for the support you need to help you and your business prosper like never before.







Upgrade Your Business: Hire a Ghostwriter was originally published on Volo Press

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